Grad School Admissions Consulting

CA provides graduate school admissions consulting to students seeking admission to Ivy League and other highly selective graduate programs. Whether it’s through Skype, FaceTime, phone, or email, we are able to work with students from RF and around the world.

  • MBA
  • Medical school
  • Law School
  • Ph.D.
  • MA

Admissions Consultation

Based upon the graduate school admissions consultation in which we will answer any questions you might have about our service offerings, we will work with you to design an appropriate package of services. To receive a consultation, simply simply send us email.

Some graduate school applicants come to us in need of assistance with the entire graduate school admissions process — from school selection to GRE prep to deciding which program to attend once having earned admission. And others just come to us for help with the Statement of Purpose, interview prep, application review, etc. At CA, we can accommodate your needs for admissions assistance to any highly selective programs within the United States — be it law school, medical school, or a Ph.D. program in art history. You name it.

One-Hour Evaluation

During this one-hour graduate school admissions consultation, we will offer advice and insight into how students can improve their odds of gaining admission to highly selective programs. In advance of the consultation, we request that students send us their college transcript, standardized test scores (e.g., GREs, GMATs, MCATs, or LSATs), CV / resume, and a preliminary list of graduate school programs that are under consideration. We will go through all of this information with the student during the evaluation, pointing out areas of strength and weakness and articulating how the student can better distinguish himself or herself in the admissions process. We will also help students select graduate school programs — be it law schools, medical schools, Ph.D. programs, MBA programs, or other master’s programs.

Graduate School Application Assistance

Each student receives a personalized package depending on what the student needs to distinguish themselves in the applicant pool. Some common areas we assist in include:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Supplemental essays
  • Interview prep
  • Application review
  • Resumé redrafting
  • School & program selection

We provide assistance with graduate school applications and the many essays that so often go along with these applications. Maybe you need help with one essay or maybe you need help with multiple complete applications. Our package will depend on your needs. The vast majority of graduate school applications submitted to the most selective grad school programs are stale and utterly cliché. Maybe an applicant’s Statement of Purpose for law school focuses on her desire to help people in need, to speak up for the underprivileged, to correct injustices. And that will put admissions officers at top law schools to sleep.

The essays of our students are anything but cliché. In fact, helping students craft powerful and compelling, unique essays is a big part of our secret sauce at CA. It’s these students who admissions officers at our nation’s top law schools and med schools, art history programs and computer science programs want to root for. We help students find their narrative, their voice, so that their applications stands out like a gem in a sea of terrible, stale essays, so that their resumés are more impressive, their short answers more on point. And, yes, a Statement of Purpose about wanting to be a doctor because you want to help people absolutely qualifies as cliché drivel. Our students don’t write cliché drivel. Quite the opposite.

Unlimited Package

The Unlimited Package offers our clients the ultimate level of continuous personal attention to every detail in graduate admissions coaching. The Unlimited Package is our most exclusive, concierge graduate school consulting service. If the student is going to be applying to 10 to 20 graduate school programs, with each requiring different essays that must be specifically tailored to each program, then this service is highly recommended. Through our Unlimited Package, we provide the student with a step-by-step approach of coaching, guidance, and support that includes every aspect of the admissions process — be it to law school, medical school, or any other highly selective graduate school program.

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